DarkRubyMoon Videos

Video TitleSummary of video contentsplay
DarkRubyMoon Store Video showing some of the wonderful art and products available in my DarkRubyMoon Store!
Virtual art galleryVideo tour of a Virtual Art Gallery. You can walk through this virtual art gallery at Virtual Art Space
Second Life AngelGate Art GalleryVirtual Art Gallery featuring my artwork in SecondLife AngelGate Art Gallery
Liberty PaintingVideo of Eric Ovelgone (DarkRubyMoon) painting a scene of a sailboat docked in the Annapolis Maryland Harbor.
Ocean's TreasureVideo of Eric Ovelgone (DarkRubyMoon) working on an oil painting depicting a fantasy underwater scene.
Hera Atargatis CreationMixed media watercolor pastel painting of a nude mermaid by Eric Ovelgone.
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