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Find out about the latest news, events, activities and more of DarkRubyMoon here and at these social networks and blogs!
BlogspotRead about my latest thoughts, musings, news and events in my blog!
TumblerSecondary blog for those who don't care for blogspot. Contains more info on updated art postings.
FacebookFacebook Address.
MyspaceCan still find some cool postings.
InstructablesInstructables is a website for posting instructions on how to make a variety of things. Find my postings for how to make various arts, crafts, and inventions made by Eric Ovelgone.
YouTubeEric Ovelgone's Youtube video channel.
TwitterFind out about DarkRubyMoon store sales, coupons, events and more.
PinterestArtwork Postings
DA ArtArt Gallery
Red BubbleArt Gallery